In 1783 an application was made to the Associate (Burgher) Presytery of Scotland for pulpit supply, however it was later withdrawn. Seven years later in 1790 a petition was made to revive the preaching station at Stonehouse however a petition from Chapleton resulted int he preaching station for Stonehouse being discontinued. this did not stop the people of Stonehouse pursuing a meeting house and eventually achieving this in 1795. With a growing congregation a new church was sought and the exisitng church was opened on 29th April 1879.


Paterson United Free Church Timeline
1783 Application made to Associate (Burgher) Presbytery of Glasgow for pulpit supply

c1790 Meeting House erected at Chapelton for worshippers from Stonehouse congregation

1795 Dissenters Church founded in Stonehouse.

1796 Meeting House ‘carried’ from Chapelton to ‘Newtown’ (Lawrie Street) site of present church. Newtown Meeting House served
congregation until 1820 as the Associate Congregation of Burgher Seceders.

1798 Rev. William Taylor (b.1768, 1st m. Mary McKeown, 2nd m. Mary Armstrong, d. 1837)
1st minister of Associate Session congregation, from Falkirk, he resigned in 1817, emigrating to Canada and thence to Waddington, New York in 1819. Further details of William Taylor can be found by following the following link.xxxxxx

1815 First Manse built (Hill Manse)

1820 Congregation became United Secession Church after union of Burgher and Anti-Burgher Churches

1820 Rev. William Fraser (d. 1835)
2nd minister, from Dunning, he resigned in 1828, later emigrating to Canada

1831 Rev. Matthew McGavin (d. 1874)
3rd minister, from Dundee, he accepted call to Airdrie in 1841, later emigrating to Australia

1842 Rev. Henry Angus Paterson (b. 1818, d. 1901)
4th minister, from Aberdeenshire. Opposed to Boer Wa