In 1893 The Hamilton Memorial Free church was vacant and disagreed with the procedure of the session and presbytery in the election of a minister which resulted in 142 members separating from the Hamilton Memorial Church and forming a new congregational church.
Services were held regularly in the public hall before members called upon the Rev. Peter Smith to be their minister. Through their hard endeabvours 1800 pounds was raised to create a new church in Angle Street and this was opened on 21st June 1894.

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1860 Camnethan Street Evangelical Union meeting house established at 8 Camnethan Street. A Mr Massie (Superintendant) c.1866 and Richard Goodwillie were preachers of the congregation. The congregation ceased to meet around 1884.

1893 Hamilton Memorial Free Church congregation aggrieved with procedure in election of minister and separate from Free Church.

1894 Congregation meet in Public Hall until opening of church.

1894 Rev. Peter Smith (b. 1852, d. 1934)
Born Knockando, 1st minister of congregation, accepted call from Elder Park Church, Govan 1906

1894 Application to the Congregational Union of Scotland formerly constituted. 142 members withdrew from the Free Church, with a further 81 new members joining the congregation after the first six months.

1896 New Church opened on 21st June costing £1800 seating 450 members

1904 Congregation purchase Westlea, Vicars Road as a Manse for £900. The congregation previously leased Newfield House for the minister.

1906 Rev. James Wallace (b. c1869, d. 1953)
Born Motherwell, Rev. Wallace was responsible for drafting the constitution of the church.

1917 Rev. Walter Gerrard (b. 1879, d. 1946)
Born Edinburgh, previously minister of Congregational Church in Dunfermline.

1922 Rev. Robert McKinlay (d. 1933)
President of Congregation Union of Scotland 1930-1931.

Robert McKinlay of Stonehouse, Lanarkshire. McKinlay was a minister in the Congregational Church at Pitsligo, then at Galston, and finally at Stonehouse from 1922-33; as well as being a scholar of NT Greek (Ph.D. Glasgow University, 1927, “Semitisms in the N.T. in the light of later popular Greek”) he was also a member of Glasgow Bibliographical Society with a particular interest in the lesser-known works of James Boswell. The collection includes a volume of cuttings relating to McKinlay’s bibliographical research and his correspondence with noted Boswell scholars such as Frederick Pottle. The National Library of Scotland has a  collection of 17 items, mainly by, or relating to, James Boswell (1740-1795), which were purchased by the Library in 1934 from the library of the Rev McKinlay.

1927 Branch of Girls’ Auxiliary formed, later dissolving in 1933.

1933 Rev. David Clews McArthur M.B.E.
Born Bonhill. Served as Chaplain in the forces as a Captain in Burma, for which he received a MBE

1935 Compton pipe-organ installed replacing old double manuel harmonium installed in 1901.

1941 Rev. James Gilbert Ritchie Strachan (b. c1905, d. 1985)
(Acting) Born Fraserburgh

1944 Rev. James Kinmond Smith (b. 1900, d. c1971)
Born Leith, he accepted call to Cambuslang Congregational Church.

1948 Rev. George Renton Brown (b. 1911, d. 1951)
Born Galashields.      NEWSPAPER NOTICES

1952 Rev. Robert Macready Lawson (b. 1905, d. 1973)
Born Glasgow. Served as Chaplain in the forces. Congregation at all time high of 285 members.

1962 Rev. Clifford Harry Macquire

1965 Rev. Derek Haley (b. 1934)

1965 Rev. Derek Haley (b. 1934)
Born Bradford

1968 Rev. Alexander Friend (b. 1925)
Born Airdrie

1972 Rev. Kathleen M. Callander (b. 1948, d. 1984)
(Student Assistant) Born Aberdeen

1972 Rev. William Robert Nelson Gray O.B.E. (b. 1923, d. 1999)
(Associate) Born Edinburgh. Executive producer of religious programmes for Scottish Television. President of Congregational Union of Scotland 1966-67. Rev. Gray served until 1985 with Rev. Bissett and Fred McDermid.

1975 Rev. Thomas Hall Bissett (b. 1901, d. 1992)
(Associate) Served congregation until 1894.
Fredrick McDermid (b. 1924) (Associate) Pastorate (Lay) of Lanark Congregational Church. Chair of the Congregational Union of Scotland 1962-65 and president 1973-74. Served at Stonehouse during the 1970’s and 80’s.

1986 Rev. Derek Graham Corner (b. 1948)
Born Galashiels

1992 Margaret Anderson (b. 1944)
(Student) Born Glasgow. Margaret Anderson served until 1995.

1998 Rev. Kathryn Smith Anderson
Born United States of America

1999 Congregational Union of Scotland voted to unite with United Reformed Church

2002 Rev. Kathryn Smith Anderson retired.


In 1954 a diamond jubilee booklet was produce to celebrate sixy years of the church, and the booklet itself provides some short biographies of previous ministers.

Diamond Jubilee


Information on the formation of the drama group and the play group are attached in the following links as are photographs and newspaper cuttings of the groups.

Drama Group.

Newspaper cutting Dramagroup picture

History of Drama Group

Play group

History of Playgroup



During the 1970’s the Congregational church had a football team whose members went onto represent the lanarkshire select team with some also going to Iceland.  The team was managed by Jim Jamieson.


The intimation of the death of  Rev.  G Renton and the award of MBE for Rev. D MacArthur