August 1914 saw the outbreak of the First World War.  It was the Great War – the war to end all wars and it was stated that it would be over by Christmas. At its finish, in November 1918, four years later the losses to the Allied Powers in War Dead amounted to some 5,200,000. Britain herself lost just short of 1,000,000 in the conflict. By 1919, Britain was only too painfully aware of the supreme effort and loss it had endured during the previous 4 years. As a nation, it vowed and promised never to forget those who had given their lives to secure peace. To that end, the local populace of virtually every hamlet, village, town and city throughout the land ensured their heroes would be honored and remembered by the erection of a suitable war memorial to them. The villages and towns of Lanarkshire were no exception and, as we know, many such memorials were erected to the memory of its fallen. These memorials were either in the form of a large village memorial or plaques within local churches or organisation that lost members. 1921 saw the inclusion of Stonehouse among those erected.

Some 30 years later, those same promises and vows were repeated, as the Nation’s Memorials saw the addition of many further names – names of those who gave their lives in the Second World War.

Today, it is hard to remember those you never knew. All that is left is a list of names inscribed on memorial tablets, whom we respect by the laying of wreaths each year on Armistice Sunday. 2018 was the 100th anniversary of the ending of that “war to end all wars”, and it is our wish to see that the memories of those men on our memorial and those not included on it are not forgotten.

Research by the group is on-going to build a biography of these young men, as well as those who returned home.Our members area provides a full list of enlistees (currently over 300) who were either born, lived in or married in Stonehouse. The group has an individual file on each man which in some cases has a photograph, details of their service record, will or information gained from family members in others we have no information at all.

Through this research an additional 28 names were added to the memorial in 2008 and a re-dedication service was held to commemorate this. Since 2008 a further number of personnel have been identified to be added to the memorial. The roll of honour table provides the most up to date list of personnel who were known to be from Stonehouse and were killed in action or died of wounds. this table is listed on a separate page.

Thanks go to the late Mr Jim Davidson, William Mackie and John Rogers. Jim commenced this research and was followed up by William Mackie who checked it and organised the re-dedication ceremony and many individual service records were compiled by John roger. As research continues we know that more will be added.

If you find your way to our site and have any details no matter how small, photographs or any other information of those who are on our Roll of Honour or list of enlistees we would like to hear from you.

Please Contact the group by email at If you come across any errors or have additional information. It is imperative that we try and keep the information as up to date as possible and that you recognise that all information has been researched by local volunteers.


AllanGeorgeCorporalMachine Gun Corps215th
Company (Infantry)
4031Grevillers British CemeteryFranceIV.A.12
AlstonHughPrivateArmy Service Corps120962Stonehouse CemeteryScotlandA492
BarrJamesPrivateGordon Highlanders10th BattalionS /5410Vermelles British Cemetery FranceIII.G.22
BarrWilliamLance CorporalArgyll & Sutherland Highlanders (Princess Louise's)11th Battalion S/4070Loos British CemeteryFranceXV.E.6
BennettJamesPrivateRoyal Scots11th Battalion15055Hedge Row Trench CemeteryBelgiumSP.Mem.A.3
BrownArchie SapperRoyal Engineers173rd
79665Bard Cottage CemeteryBelgiumII.H.12
BrownJamesPrivateSeaforth Highlanders2nd Battalion204645Loos MemorialFrancePanel 112-115
BrownJohnPrivateKing's Own Scottish Borderers1st/5th Battalion17777Soissons MemorialFrancePanel 15A
BrownlieRobertPrivateHighland Light Infantry16th Battalion
14960Thiepval MemorialFrancePier & Face 15C
BurnsJohnPrivateRoyal Scots13th Battalion25111Arras MemorialFranceBay 1 & 2
CallanderJohnPrivateMachine Gun Corps212th
Company (Infantry)
Arras MemorialFranceBay 10
CochraneJames BrownliePrivateNorthumberland Fusiliers24th Battalion47074Arras MemorialFranceBay 2-3
CooperJamesPrivateRoyal Scots5th/6th Battalion251406Cabaret-Rouge, British Cemetery SouchezBelgiumVIII.M.1
CooperWilliamPrivateRoyal Scots9th Battalion351605Tyne Cot MemorialFrancePanel 11-14 & 162Military Medal
CouchThomasPrivateKing's Own Scottish Borderers6th Battalion16455Daours, Com, Cem, Ext.FranceI.A.4
CraigRobertSergeantMachine Gun Corps99th Company (Infantry)10114Aubigny Communal Cemetery Extension FranceIII.G.35
CraigWilliamPrivateSeaforth Highlanders9th Battalion8994Tincourt New British CemeteryFranceIV.B.11
CrossFredrickPrivateHighland Light Infantry8th Battalion7937White City Cemetery Bois-Grenier FranceE10
Cuthbertson Robert CPrivateHighland Light Infantry9th (Glasgow Highland) Battalion (Territorial)332925Vis-En-Artois Memorial FrancePANEL 9 & 10
DavidsonAlexanderPrivateEast Yorkshire Regiment1st Battalion31527Cojeul Cem,St Martin-Sur-Cojeul B 58FranceB58
Dunsmore/DunsmuirDavidLance CorporalKing's Own Scottish Borderers6th Battalion43105Arras MemorialFranceBay 6
FallowWilliamPrivateNorthumberland Fusiliers1st/4th Battalion (Territorials)47579Niederzwehren Cemetery GermanyI.L.2.
FeelieRobertPrivateKing's Own Scottish Borderers1st Battalion19242Thiepval MemorialFrancePier & Face 4A & 4D
FergusonWilliamPrivateCameronians (Scottish Rifles)5th/6th Battalion200597
Charmes Military Cemetery Essengney VosgesFranceI.H.6
FlemingGeorgeCorporalCameronians (Scottish Rifles)9th Battalion43513Haringhe Military Cemetery Belgium III.C.62
ForsythSamuelPrivateCameronians (Scottish Rifles)2nd Battalion10613Merville Communal Cemetery FranceIII.O.11
FrenchJohn (Jack)SergeantKing's Own Scottish Borderers6th Battalion7741Fins New British Cemetery, Sorrel-Le-GrandFranceIV.A.21Military Medal
GibsonWilliamPrivateCameronians (Scottish Rifles)9th Battalion43561Thiepval MemorialFrance Pier & Face 4D
GilliesThomasPrivateCanadian Infantry49th Battalion432451Montreal (Mount Royal) Cemetery, QuebecCanadaN2/611W
GilmourWilliamLance CorporalGordon Highlanders7th BattalionS/41469Marfaux British Cemetery FranceVIII.B.2
GrayJohn ScottPrivateMachine Gun Corps52nd Battalion (Infantry)108481Bac-Du-Sud Cemetery BailleullvalFranceIII.F.23
GrayRobert JPrivateRoyal Scots Fusiliers8th Battalion59034Loos MemorialFrancePanel 10-13
GrimasonThomasPrivateRoyal Scots16th Battalion25128Thiepval MemorialFrancePier & Face 6D & 7D
HamiltonAndrewGunnerRoyal Garrison Artillery Duke Of Cornwall's345 Siege Battery322878Vlamertinghe New
Military Cemetery
HamiltonAngus HPrivateHighland Light Infantry8th Battalion
8067Cabaret-Rouge, Brit' Cem SouchezFranceI.V.D5
HamiltonJames DPrivateSeaforth Highlanders8th BattalionS / 9613St Sever Cem Extension RouenFranceR 11 J 16
HamiltonJames LawrieSapperRoyal Engineers218th
134080Thiepval MemorialFrance Pier & Face 8A & 8D
HamiltonPeterPrivateAustralian Army Medical Corps4th Light Horse Field Ambulance18923Stonehouse CemeteryScotlandA396
HamiltonRobertPrivateMachine Gun CorpsInfantry42355Etaples Military CemeteryFranceLXV. F.12
HamiltonWilliamPrivateHighland Light Infantry14th Battalion333803Fins New Brit Cem, Sorel-Le-Grand FranceI.F.2
HamiltonWilliam WeirActing SergeantRoyal Fusiliers (City Of London)4th Battalion3416Ypres (Menin Gate) MemorialBelgiumPanel 6 & 8
HarvieRobertSergeantGordon Highlanders6th Battalion266863Ypres (Menin Gate) MemorialBelgiumPanel 38
HutchisonAlexanderPrivateCanadian Infantry38th Battalion410784Vimy Memorial FranceFrance
KirklandPeterPrivateRoyal Scots2nd Battalion39689Arras MemorialFranceBay 1 & 2
LeiperArchie BurnsPrivateHighland Light Infantry1st/7th Battalion39572Cabaret-Rouge, Brit' Cem SouchezFranceVIII.N.24
LeishmanJohn McInnesSergeantCameronians (Scottish Rifles)11th Battalion30533Dorian Military CemeteryGreece V.B.4
McCallumAlexanderPrivateCameronians (Scottish Rifles)6th Battalion1946Thiepval MemorialFrance Pier & Face 4D
McConville PatrickPrivateRoyal ScotsDepot16594Bellshill CemeteryScotlandB2015
McLeanHarold DanielGunnerRoyal Field ArtilleryA Battery
51st Brigade
175582Tyne Cot MemorialBelgiumPanel 4-6 & 162
McLellanGeorgeLance CorporalHighland Light Infantry6th Battalion241454Ligny-St.Flochel Brit'Cem Averdoingt11.B17FranceII.B.17
MillarGavinPrivateGordon Highlanders1st Battalion6972Ypres (Menin Gate) MemorialBelgiumPanel 38
MillarThomasPrivateGordon Highlanders1st Battalion6051Ypres (Menin Gate) MemorialBelgiumPanel 38
MilneAlexanderPrivateArgyll & Sutherland Highlanders (Princess Louise's)2nd Battalion S/5396Thiepval MemorialFrancePier & Face 15A & 16C
MooreAlexanderPrivateSeaforth Highlanders2nd BattalionS/2469Thiepval MemorialFrancePier & Face 15C
MuirWilliamPrivateQueen's Own Cameron Highlanders6th BattalionS / 40646 Tyne Cot MemorialBelgiumLII.B.13
MurdochDanielLance CorporalQueen's Own Cameron Highlanders6th BattalionS/22851Houdain Lane Cem,Tilloy-Les-Mofflaines FranceG3
PatersonRobertStaff SergeantRoyal Field Artillery19th Brigade51491Kirechkoi-Hortakoi Military CemeteryGreece294
Plenderleith AlexanderPrivateRoyal Scots Fusiliers2nd Battalion18293Thiepval Memorial FrancePanel & Face 3C
PrenticeJohnPrivateRoyal Scots Fusiliers1st/4th Battalion 13691Ramleh War CemeteryIsraelE.26
ReidJohnSergeantArgyll & Sutherland Highlanders (Princess Louise's)1st/5th Battalion200042Hollybrook Memorial SouthamptonEngland
ReidRobert (Roy)PrivateWest Yorkshire Regiment (Prince of Wale's Own)1st Battalion56991Rocquigny-Equancourt Road British Cemetery, ManancourtFranceIV.C.6
Richardson JohnSapperRoyal Engineers79363Stonehouse CemeteryScotland B.4
RobinsonThomasPrivateCameronians (Scottish Rifles)5th Battalion53193St Andrews Western CemeteryScotlandH.85
RowanNicolas GibsonLance SergeantThe Black Watch (Royal Highlanders)10th BattalionS/5888Corbie Com Cem FranceFranceGRAVE 41
RussellRobertPrivateRoyal Scots16th Battalion25113Thiepval MemorialFrancePier & Face 6D & 7D
Sievewright Allan BellLance CorporalCameronians (Scottish Rifles)200588Tyne Cot MemorialBelgium Panel 68-70 & 162-162AMilitary Medal
SmallJamesActing CorporalRoyal Garrison Artillery192nd Battalion
Heavy Battery
65286Salonika (Lembit Road Cemetery)Greece1272
SmithFrankPrivateKing's Own Scottish Borderers8th Battalion15753Loos MemorialFrancePanel 53-56
SmithThomasMajorGordon Highlanders6th/7th BattalionPeak Wood Cemetery FranceFranceDCM
SorbieJohnSergeantRoyal Scots16th Battalion25112Cambrai Memorial, Louverval, Nord France.FrancePANEL 10
SorbieMitchellCorporalHighland Light Infantry8th Lanark Battalion (Territorials)7429Boulogne Eastern CemeteryFranceVIII.A.22
StewartArchibaldPrivateHighland Light Infantry2nd Battalion31102Arras MemorialFranceBay 8
StewartMathewPrivateHighland Light Infantry15th/1st Battalion
40838St Sever Cem Extension RouenFranceIII.B.6
TaitThomasLance CorporalArgyll & Sutherland Highlanders (Princess Louise's)10th Battalion14013Joncourt British CemeteryFrance A.15
ThomsonRobert RPrivateRoyal Scots Greys268388Arras MemorialFranceBay 6
ThomsonThomas TorranceLance CorporalRoyal Garrison Artillery12470Barliin Cemetery ExtensionFranceI.C.30Military Medal
ToddJamesSergeantWorcestershire Regiment1st Battalion15040Bailleul Cemetery ExtensionFranceI.E.17
ToddRobert JohnstonPrivateArgyll & Sutherland Highlanders (Princess Louise's)12th BattalionS/11924Dorian Military CemeteryGreeceV.F.1
TorranceAbrahamPrivateSeaforth HighlandersS/4164Athies Communal Cemetery Extension FranceJ.6
WalkerJames SteelPrivateGordon Highlanders1st/6th BattalionS/40928Roclincourt Valley Cemetery FranceII.F.4
WardropeJohnSergeantKing's Shropshire Light Infantry7th Battalion14293Bournmouth East Cemetery HampshireEnglandP I 153
WattWilliamPrivateRoyal Scots16th Battalion25141Thiepval MemorialFrancePier & Face 6D & 7D
WhitelawJohnLance CorporalRoyal Scots Fusiliers1st Battalion17312Bedford CemeteryBelgiumEnclosure No. 14 x 11 D.15
WhitelawNeil McAllisterPrivateRoyal Scots Fusiliers1st Battalion253385Mansieres Cem Marcoing FranceII.B.6
WilsonRobertPrivateRoyal Scots Fusiliers2nd Battalion7734Thiepval MemorialFrancePier & Face 3C
WilsonRobertRoyal Scots18th Battalion21273Stonehouse CemeteryScotland497

In addition to the main memorial in the cemetery the local churches also commemorated the fallen of their congregation by erecting plaques inside the churches. St Ninians, Paterson UF Church and Congregational church were among those that erected palques. The following pictures show the memorials.

WWI St.Ninian Memorial

St.Ninian Organ2St.Ninian Organ1

Paterson Memorial