The school board of Stonehouse acquired Greenside School formerly a subscription school, built in 1853, and then converted it into an infant school. In 1895 children who were five year old, were taught at Greenside School which consisted of two rooms. Both teachers were women, and thus, it became known as the ‘lady school’. The children were taught reading, writing and arithmetic until they reached the age of transferring to either Camnethan Street or Townhead Street where they were taught other subjects such as geography and history. Greenside later became a school for woodwork and domestic sciences.

It is possible they were taught from the attached book which is mentioned in Stonehouse Headmasters diary as being used in this period.

The group have the original headmasters diary which contains the headmasters daily comments on the the daily school routine from dating from 1891 to 1924. This can be viewed on appointment with the group.  Should funding permit we would hope to upload a digital image of the diary in the near future.