Saturday 19 June 1948


Committee Members:

 Mr R Brodie Chairman

Rev R Pollock Vice Chairman

Mr A Macfie Treasurer

Mr G Leggate Assistant Treasurer

Mr J McLachlan Secretary

 Mr G Barrie Assistant Secretary

Mr Aitken,

Mr Wilson,

Mr E Sweeney,

Mr George, Mr Robertson,

Mr Neilson,

Mrs Brown,

Mrs Wilson,

Mrs Plenderleith,

Mrs Cairney,

Mrs Brodie,

Mrs Mitchell,

Mr Barrie,

Mr Mason,

Mrs Dick.


Queen of the Roses        Anne Elliot

Champion                           James Aitken

Ladies in Waiting             Annie Mackie,  Audrey Chalmers,  Mary Dunsmore, Ray Wilson

Pages                                    David Brown,  Robert Smith